How to choose your wedding photographer? Learn here

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Quality in wedding photography should be emphasised upon due to a lot many reasons. One foremost reason is, that wedding photos remain as an essential memory with the couple throughout their lives. They save those photos very dearly for their kids to see, and revisit the wedding days. When a couple is planning their wedding, they face this question of choosing a team of photographers who would capture the moments in beautiful pictures.

The points you should keep in mind while selecting your wedding photographers are listed below:

  1. Ask for previous work: You must check out the work of photography teams, as only when you’re convinced with their previous work, could you finalise them to capture your wedding. Sometimes couples finalise photographers on recommendation of dear ones, but on seeing the final output go unhappy. So, first check the work yourself, before you select a team. Don’t go merely by what others have to say.
  2. Detailed work matters: Go checking work of photographers in detail. You can select different photographer for different ceremonies or events. Also one team can manage photography since they are experts at it, while another team can manage videography since they are known for that kind of work. Also, some photographers are widely known for pre-wedding shoots, while some are known for wedding films. Work on the details, check their work precisely and lock the deals only later.
  3. Equipments: You must be knowing what equipments your photography teams would be using, and what output you can expect with different equipments, camera lenses and lights. Be mindful of the technical things, as they define the output along with the creative eye of photography.
  4. Know the team: If you like the work of a given team, then sit with the Business Manager or their Team Head to discuss how many functions you have, and what big team would be able to cover your event. The experience of the team matters and values at this point. You should know how experienced is the team that is going to shoot your wedding events.
  5. Explore photography packages: Learn the wedding photography and cinematography packages the photographers have to offer. This is also where you talk about the costing and finances. There are times when the professional relationship doesn’t go further from finances, since the expectations don’t match at certain points. Some photographers work their costing around the number of head counts (people) attending the functions, while some customise their packages on the number of functions they shoot. So it is important to sit and discuss; not hurriedly take decisions.
  6. Be open about your expectations: You must familiarise with the photography team about your family and how many guests you’re expecting. In this manner, there won’t be any clashes of opinions later.
  7. Book your dates in advance: You must keep this in mind that during the wedding season, photographers are in much demand. So you must plan booking them at least 6 months prior to your wedding date. Otherwise it will be about taking chances, as your preferred or shortlisted photographers might get booked if you delay.

These are some pointers you must keep in mind when you figure out your wedding photographers. If you or your dear ones are planning their wedding, then help them check out our work. We offer photography and videography services for wedding and other events.

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