Wedding Stills

Wedding photography has come a long way. It’s no more just taking pictures but it’s all about seizing the feelings. These days couples are looking forward to something ‘exclusive’ yet ‘close to the heart’. We work around our clients’ wishes and hopes. Today there are several styles and inspirations that you can chalk out. Our clients sometimes come up with amazing imaginative themes and ideas as what they want their photos to look like. And their vision and our passion are enough for the fireworks. It’s always been fun working with all our clients and we are proud to say that we have seen numerous smiles and satisfied and happy clients.

Wedding pictures are so much more than technical accuracy and mechanism. It’s about making those moments timeless and priceless. Photomantra rest assure you to have carter the uniqueness that you are looking for! Throughout the wedding, capturing the magic-moments is foremost important.Trust us our candid photography will make the time still!

Wedding Stills Photography